Our Technology and Services


This is usually done in 'panels' after etching rather than individual pieces. Many parts are plated simultaneously thus reducing cost. We can Tin, and Gold plate.



Using existing tooling and jigs, parts can be formed to shape after etching. We have a 13 ton press with an extensive range of tooling, or we can make a tool for the job. We can drill from 1.0mm, tap from 2.0mm. and other processes on a Bridgeport mill. We can also diecut flexible boards.


Surface Finishing

Photoetch has a 4 cubic foot vibratory finishing machine and 1lt, 5lt and 10lt barrel finishing equipment which removes surface marks, rags and deburrs.

Tin and gold electroplating lines to facilitate solderability, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.


Screen Printing

We have the capability to print solder paste, front panels, resists and many other applications.